I've always aspired to be an author from a very young age. But normal life got in the way of my dreams and instead I qualified as a lawyer in the early 1990s. . Civil and Criminal Litigation kept me busy for the next decade, but the dream to write books was never far away - and in the summer of 2008 I began penning what was to become my first published book.

It took ten years of juggling work and home life, but in 2018 the first DI Jack MacIntosh novel, 'The Phoenix Project', was finally born! 

This was then followed in January 2020 by 'Seven Days'. 'The Fifteen' came in August 2020, 'The Bishop' in January 2021. Hangman's End followed in January 2022.

In July 2021 I also released the first book in a new crime series, set in my home town of Bury St Edmunds. 'Guilt' is the first DI Nicki Hardcastle book - with more books planned!

In April 2022 I signed a book deal with Joffe Books - so now all my DI Jack MacIntosh and DI Nicki Hardcastle books are going to be re-published! This is an exciting new venture and I cannot wait!  

This will mean, however, that my books will not be available to download or buy while the re-publishing takes place - but the wait will be worth it!

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